Family Vacation Camp

  For ALL BSA-registered Scouts, Family Members and their Guests

An exciting opportunity for your family to experience the scenic outdoors and fun adventures at the premier Boy Scout camp properties of the San Francisco Bay Area Council.  Family Vacation Camp is a long weekend to hike, swim, enjoy nature, read a book, relax in the shade or participate in many other exciting activities at a fraction of the cost of a hotel or resort vacation. At Wente Scout Reservation you’ll have the opportunity to boat and fish on an 80-acre lake. At Camp Royaneh and Wente Scout Reservation there will be many activities and opportunities for the whole family to enjoy together including horseback riding, campfire programs, evening ice cream socials and more!

All sessions are closed to reservations when reaching full camp capacity.  If space becomes available due to cancellations, we will accept additional reservations through the Wednesday before camp opens for the weekend. HOWEVER, no additional meal plan reservations will be accepted after 12noon of the Monday before camp opens due to placement of food orders with our vendors.  Thank you!

Available Weekends:

Wente Scout Reservation

Memorial Day Wknd (May 25-28, 2018)

Summer's End Wknd (August 24-27, 2018)

Labor Day Wknd (August 31 - September 3, 2018)

Camp Royaneh

Labor Day Wknd (August 31 - September 3, 2018)

Who May Participate:

The families of anyone registered in the Boy Scouts of America (Lions, Tigers, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venture Scouts, Sea Scouts, Explorer Scouts, and adult leaders) may participate. You can bring along friends and relatives to camp with you as well.

Family Vacation Camp is intended to provide a quality family atmosphere!  Although it is not intended for Scout unit outings without family members, many units use Family Vacation Camp as an opportunity to have fun in the outdoors while socializing with the other family members from their units, and it is a great time to do annual program planning.


Please register for Family Vacation Camp Weekends by selecting the dates above, or at

Camp Fees:

Basic Plan: (bring your own food and do your own cooking at your campsite)

    Age 5-years to adult:    $42 per person

Dining Hall Meal Plans: (see further details below)

    Age 18-years or older (adults):    $99 per person

    Age 10 to 17-yrs old:    $79 per person

    Age 5 to 10-yrs old:    $79 per person

    Age under 5-yrs old:    no charge

Monday Breakfast: $9 per person (can be ordered by any family)

RV/Trailer Sites: (Wente Scout Reservation only):  $29 per RV/trailer (7 spaces available)

Sleeping Accommodations:

Camp Royaneh:  open-air cabins (limited), canvas platform tents, or bring your own tent.

Wente Scout Reservation:  canvas platform tents, bring your own tent, or RV/Trailer sites.

Sites are chosen upon arrival at camp; first-come, first-served.  We do not take reservations for specific sites unless your group has 50 or more registered campers.  Other than for RV/Trailer sites, there is NO camping in your vehicle in the parking lot or anywhere else in camp.

Food Service:

You may bring your own food or have prepared meals served in the dining hall.  Sunday evening, all campers are invited to attend the Ice Cream Social in the dining hall, an event included in ALL camper fees.

Regular Meal plan begins with Saturday breakfast and ends with Sunday dinner.  Friday meals are on your own.  Monday breakfast can be purchase by any participant for a small additional fee of $8 per person.  We can accommodate some gluten-free and vegetarian diets, if indicated on registration.  Those with serious allergies or specific diets (including vegan) may need to bring your own food.  Unfortunatly, last minute special requests cannot be accommodated.


There are many activities to do at camp. Hiking, swimming, crafts, archery, rifle, BB guns, shotgun, and horseback riding. Wente Scout Reservation also offers fishing and boating.

The Rules:

>  The Scout Oath and Law are applicable at all times in camp;

>  There may be a few other guidelines for your personal and family safety.

You MUST check-in first at the Camp Office!  DO NOT go to a site and set up beforehand; you might be asked to move!  You will receive further camp guidelines after making your online reservation.

NO ALCOHOL IS PERMITTED anywhere in camp;

NO PETS ARE PERMITTED AT CAMP, except service animals;

>  Scouting youth may be able to complete some advancement requirements;

Trail Rides are available for those 11-years of age or older.  Arena rides are available for those riders 10-years old or younger.  All riders must have at least a 24” inseam.  Please see the Camp Trading Post for horse ride schedules, costs, registration and other details.

Be a Family Camp Host!

Some families volunteer as Camp Hosts to help the Camp Staff throughout the weekend, in exchange for a partial camp fee reimbursment.  Anyone interested in the Camp Host opportunity should email:


1001 Davis Street
San Leandro, CA 94577-1514

phone: (510) 577-9000

Hours of Operation:
9:00am - 5:00pm (Mon - Fri) 


1001 Davis Street
San Leandro, CA 94577-1514

phone: (510) 577-9000

Hours of Operation:
9:00am - 5:00pm (Mon - Fri)