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Extended Virtual Exploration Camp 2020

Extended Virtual Exploration Camp 2020
Registration Begins
Last Day To Register
Age Requirement
Birthdate cannot be after 6/6/2009
1001 Davis St.
San Leandro, CA 94577, US
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The last date for registration has passed.

NEW!!! Virtual Merit Badge Sessions

We are proud to be able to support Scouts during this fluid time! Scouts signing up for Virtual Merit Badge classes will be able to work with counselors in a group setting, safely from their own homes.


After reviewing IMPORTANT INFORMATION below please SCROLL DOWN for schedule of classes.



Review all information provided below before registering or emailing with questions.

We are a local BSA Council, and do not have world-wide staff that can answer questions 24/7 which area already answered below. Your patience is appreciated.

Merit Badge subjects can be challenging, lengthy and technical. Many require work outside the classroom setting; therefore, it is most likely that Scouts will NOT complete all the requirements for a selected Merit Badge in one day.


  • Participation requires a good WiFi connection, computer (with audio and video) access and ability to log on to Bluejeans Network for video conferencing.


  • Program will begin at 9 am (sign on by 8:50 am) and will continue with intermittent breaks throughout the class to between 1:30 PM and 3+ PM, dependent on the merit badge and number of scouts taking the class. A lunch break of 1/2 hour will be taken between 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM. Class size can range from 2 -15 participants.


  • $40 per day. A session with a slash(/) in the title means the participants will work on both Merit Badges during the day.An "*" after the class title denotes the scout must be 14 years or older to take the class.?


  • There is no splitting the program nor can you leave the program for another class, or appointment.  Do not register if you cannot commit to the whole class. Your leaving early can jeopardize the continuation of the class for the remaining scout. (Sometimes you need the class; sometimes the class needs you.) Dependent on the instructor one or the other class can be started first or they can be intermingled. There is no guarantee that one particular class will be given at one particular time during the day.  


  • Submission of the Merit Badge Workbook (filled out from class participation) and copy of registration receipt for the class will be required for sign off on completed requirements on the blue card (provided by the SFBAC). They can be scanned and emailed to: for the processing and mailing out of the blue card. DO NOT SEND VIA GOOGLE DOCS. YOU WILL BE ASKED TO CONVERT THEM TO PDFS.


  • Scouts should conduct themselves per the Scout Oath and Law; for example, dress and have the background behind them free of inappropriate messages, pictures, etc.; all work submitted should be their original work.


  • Scouts will be responsible for obtaining the Merit Badge workbook through if they choose to work on prerequisites before class.


  • An email with the log on information will be sent after 5 pm the night before the class.

Click here for Cancellation Policy (REVIEW BEFORE MAKING PURCHASE)

Click here for Exploration Camp Prerequisites/Partial Information

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Virtual Exploration Camp Schedule

Classes highlighted:
Orange are almost full
Red are full
* denotes scout needing to be 14 or more years old to take the class.

Additional classes being added to this site every few days.  Keep checking back for more classes.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
June 1 June 2 June 3 June 4 June 5 June 6
Truck Transportation Citizenship in the Community/ Citizenship in the World* Public Health Family Life/ Scholarship Emergency Preparedness Environmental Science
Communication/ Public Speaking* Personal Management* Nature/ Mammal Study American Heritage/ Citizenship in the Nation* Oceanography  
Textile     First Aid Game Design  



Contact E-mail
Cancellation Policy
FOR ALL CAMPS AND EVENTS Effective September 4, 2012 A great deal of advance planning and advance purchasing takes place for all programs and events of the San Francisco Bay Area Council during the months and weeks prior to an event, (facility rentals, supplies, staff hiring, food contracting, and program material acquisition.) Because of this the SFBAC has had to renew its refund policy. 1. Refunds requested two weeks (14 days) prior to an event/camp may receive up to an 80% refund. One week prior (7 days) to your event/camp receive a 60% refund. Within seven (7) days of the event/camp there will be no refund. Any refund will be based on the following criteria: 2. Types of refunds considered: serious illness or injury (a doctors certification required) or death in immediate family. Refunds are not given for no-shows, conflict of schedule (such as sports events, out of country trips), weather conditions, or behavior issues occurring before or during the event/camp. No requests accepted after September 1st. 3. Refunds will be returned to the person(s) or entity from which the funds were received. Refund requests should be sent to: San Francisco Bay Area Council, 1001 Davis Street, San Leandro CA 94577. Please include: participants name, unit, number, district, address, contact phone number, name of event and date or session of event.

© 2020 Golden Gate Area Council, BSA - All rights reserved. Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter
© 2020 Golden Gate Area Council, BSA - All rights reserved. Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter