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    Announcing the Winter 2014 Mission Peak District Merit Badge eXtravaganza –


    When: Saturday, February 08, 2014 from 9am until Noon (Doors open at 8:30 Check-in & 8:45 Opening Ceremony)

    Where: LDS Church on Decoto Rd., 3551 Decoto Rd, Fremont, CA (map)

    Cost: It’s Free!!

    Merit Badge Printable List

    Come out for an opportunity to meet Merit Badge Counselors and work on merit badges.

    Merit Badge Counselors are available for:


    MBs at Feb 08 MBX


    Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World

    Limited to 20 to 30 Scouts; Can also do music or bugling;

    Emergency Preparedness

    Limited to 22 Scouts. Requires First Aid MB to complete. FA may be worked on at the same time or in advance.

    First Aid, Weather, Astronomy

    He will do a MB meet and greet overview; no instruction. Should take about 1 hr.

    Environmental Science

    Limited to 20 scouts. This is a Lab. Scouts should bring a clean, clear, glass or plastic jar with a tight fitting lid that is larger than 1 Quart in size.


    Limited to 20 Scouts. For the Genealogy MB, the Scout needs to take the pamphlet home, read it and complete the requirements - it is generally not something that can be done in one sitting. I estimate it will take 1 to 2 hours as we may go the church's Family History Library.

    Personal Management (9-11), Public Speaking (11 -12)

    Limited to 15 Scouts; Will do Personal Management (9-11), Public Speaking (11 -12);


    Limited to 20 Scouts. Prerequisites: Communications Class Outline

    Family Life

    Limited to 10 Scouts. We will complete requirements: #1, #2, #6A, #7A and 7B on Feb 8.
    Requirements #4, #5, and 6B to be completed at home. Will discuss examples.

    Requirement #3- 3 Month Chore List if completed with chore list started on or before Nov 8, bring it and I will check you off.

    Requirement #3 - 3 Month Chore List if not completed or have not started it you can begin Feb 9 and complete May 9.


    LIMITED TO 8 Scouts.

    Scouts need to bring soldering iron if they have one; they need to bring an electronic kit that they have built already to the session for requirement 4. Those that do, should be able to complete the badge that day. Or bring a simple electronic kit with needed batteries that they can build for requirement 4, or bring $12 to purchase materials.

    For requirement #6: Find out about three career opportunities in electronics that interest you.


    Limited to 12 Scouts.

    Hiking, Backpacking, Camping, Wilderness Survival



    Will only be approx 1 hour overview.


    Limit to 15 scouts. Recommended prereqs are:
    Scouts should review all the requirements in preparation for class if they want to get signed off fully as some requirements cannot be done in class as follows:
    Bring an item meeting the requirements in #1 and do requirements 6 through 9 so that you can discuss in class.
    We will go over the requirements using a projector and cool physical engineering examples.
    In class we will discuss the joys and responsibilities for an Engineer per the merit badge booklet.
    Scouts can learn more about the work I do at:





    Indian Lore

    Limited to 12 Scouts; To complete this MB, Scouts must have visited a museum with Native American artifacts and has a list of 10 items with a description of how they were made and used.



    Scouts, please bring signed Merit Badge Blue Cards, paper & pen for taking notes, and please note any prerequisites for the MBs being offered.


    There is NO PREREGISTRATION. It is first come. First serve.


    Also offering:

    MB Counselor Essentials Education (for Adult Scouters)

    Life to Eagle Rank Orientation (for Adults)

    Life to Eagle Rank Orientation (Required for Life Scouts)


    The East Bay Scout Shop will also be at the Merit Badge Extravaganza.


    Merit Badge eXtravaganza Frequently Asked Questions

    Additional Questions to Jim Lola at jim.lola@gmail.com