Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace Trainer Course

Rancho Los Mochos, Livermore, CA

Overnight camping is part of this course.

Participants learn LNT principles, skills and ethics through a combination of presentation, discussion, and hands-on activities. They learn and practice techniques for teaching these concepts.

Those completing the course will be BSA Leave No Trace Trainers, recognized by the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics and the BSA.

Those who complete the course are prepared to:

• Understand, demonstrate, and teach minimum impact techniques to friends, family, scouting groups, and other community groups.

• Teach BSA Leave No Trace 101 Awareness class, general Leave No Trace Awareness seminars, and lead LNT activities at Scouting events.

• Lead discussions on outdoor ethics and help others explore their own personal outdoor ethic.

• Scouts (14 and above) are also qualified to fill the new Leave No Trace Trainer position within their unit.

This course is open to all registered members of the BSA, age 14 and above.

Course Cost: $28 (includes program materials, Saturday Dinner, Sunday Breakfast, and Sunday lunch. (Participants to provide their own lunch on Saturday)

For more information contact:

Jim Ferenz, Chairman, High Adventure Team, SFBAC