Varsity Specific

It is recommended that every adult associated with the unit should attend this course.

  •    For LDS units, that would include Bishoprics, Young Men’s Presidencies, Committee Members, Scout Leaders, parents, and any others interested.
  •     For non-LDS or individuals interested in the program (though not currently affiliated with a unit), you are more than welcome to join the discussion about how to develop this valuable part of the BSA program!
  •     Open to all Scouters, Leaders, and those interested, not just members of Tres Ranchos District!

The Varsity Scout Leader Specific Training covers the following topics:

  •     Summarizes the purposes and methods of Varsity Scouting.
  •     Discusses the characteristics of young men 14 through 17 years old.
  •     Explains how a Varsity Scout team is organized and led by young men with guidance from adults.
  •     Reviews Varsity Scouting's five program fields of emphasis.
  •     Gives details about how to plan and conduct a Varsity Scout team's activities and meetings.
  •     The BSA's Youth Protection Guidelines.


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