HAT: High Adventure Training

SFBAC HAT Courses: 

HAT: Wilderness First Aid -May 30-31, 2015 and June 13-14, 2015 

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HAT: Wilderness Canoe Tripping - April 22, April 25-26, 2015 &  TBD 2015

HAT: Backpack Cuisine - October 17, 2015

HAT: Reboot - October 24, 2015

HAT: Snow Camping Awareness - Dec 5, 2015 and Jan 16-17, 2016

HAT: Basic Backpacking Awareness  COURSE CANCELLED

HAT: Cycling - May 2, 2015  

HAT: Leave No Trace Trainer - May 16-17, 2015

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Training is the foundation on which a safe and enjoyable outdoor program is built. Every unit needs adult leaders who have participated in High Adventure training. High Adventure training is intended for adults, but exceptional senior Scouts may participate. Youth participation is limited to those who are 16 years or older and accompanied by an adult leader from their unit.

The High Adventure Training Team of the San Francisco Bay Area Council is a group of volunteer Scouters who enjoy backpacking and working together to approve and develop trail awards, promote the High Adventure program, and provide training to adult leaders. The team has prepared a series of courses to develop back-country competency and proficiency among Scout Leaders and Older Scouts for leading treks and activities in the back country. The team supplies training and experiences that develop an awareness of backpacking and wilderness skills so that wilderness travel and sport can be conducted in a Safe and Environmentally responsible manner. The High Adventure Team Meets the fourth Wednesday of each month. Anyone interested in joining this great team should email Jim Ferenz, HAT Committee Chairman at smjim@pacbell.net.

Some HAT courses requre a current Annual Health and Medical Record parts A,B&C.  See course description page for more details.

For more information about each individual course, see the course descriptions below. Contact information can also be found for each course director below. 

For more information, contact SFBAC-HAT Committee Chair Jim Ferenz

training patchHAT: Basic Backpack Awareness 

Indoor session: March 14-15, 2015 - Del Valle High School, 2253 Fifth Street Livermore, CA 94550

 Outdoor session:  March 27-29, 2015 - Rancho Los Mochos in Livermore

                      COURSE CANCELLED 

Subject matter covers such items as:

    • Trek Planning
    • Leadership and Risk Management
    • Wilderness First Aid
    • Evacuation
    • Food Planning and Preparation
    • Wilderness Navigation
    • No Trace Camping
    • Equipment (Personal and Group)
    • Weather
    • Stoves and Fuels
    • and several other specialty classes.

The Indoor Session will consist of classroom instruction with some hands on work. The Outdoor Session simulates a backpacking experience with exercises keyed to learn by doing. The exam is a “Take-Home” test and is given out at the end of the Indoor Session and collected at the beginning of the Outdoor Session.

For the indoor session participants are asked to bring a bag lunch for both Saturday and Sunday as there is limited time for the lunch break. Also, participants are asked to bring their backpacks (fully loaded) for the Sunday Indoor session.

The Indoor Session will be held at Del Valle High School, 2253 Fifth Street, Livermore. Registration starts at 7:30 a.m. with the course beginning at 8:00 a.m. We end at 5:00 pm.

The Outdoor Session begins Friday night (27 March) and ends at 1:00 pm Sunday (29 March)at  Rancho Los Mochos in Livermore. 

A current Annual Health and Medical Record parts A,B&C are required for this course.

Cost: Early registration: $60.  

For more information contact Dick Smith

HAT: Wilderness Canoe Tripping


This HAT course centers on the needs of council adults taking youth on canoe trips to satisfy point 6 of the Safety Afloat course …

 "Skill Proficiency. Everyone afloat must be trained and experienced in handling and safety skills of the craft in use."

The scope encompasses local day trips, multi-day canoe camping and national trips.

Course format is a one-day indoor session April 22, 2015 6-10pm, followed by:

·         Introduction to Flat Water canoeing, a week-end / overnight canoe camping exercise April 25-26, 2015.

The third session TBD 2015, is Introduction to Moving water Class I and  Introduction to Whitewater Class II. With a Car camp at the Yolo county Camp Ground on the evening between the Moving and Whitewater sessions.

Some of the course topics include …  Teaching progression,  Fun training exercises for youth, Canoe handling,  Packing to stay dry, Trip planning, Group organization and gear, Hydrology,  Navigation

If you are planning to visit Northern Tier Canoe Base or do a “50 Miler” this is a must course for your adult leaders. 


BSA rated swimmer, Annual Health and Medical Record, Safety Afloat & Safe Swim Defense. (on-line)

·        HAT Basic Back Pack (recommended)

Cost:   $95  (Course fees cover boating equipment and campground fees and course text.)

Age Limitation (min): 16 years.

Sign-up Deadline:      

Registrations On-Line: click here

For more information contact Course director, Sam Steele @ ssteele@livermore.k12.ca.us

HAT: Cycling Awareness

The HAT Cycling Awareness Course is offered to adult Scout Leaders, desiring to take Scouts on bicycle outings of eight hours or more. The course will focus on cycling fundamentals, cycling safety practices, conditioning, nutrition, attire, bike check-ups, basic maintenance and repair and many other topics and skills.

A current Annual Health and Medical Record parts A,B&C are required for this course.

Date: May 2, 2015

Location: Livermore Bike Trail

Cost: $25

Register online 


Be an adult Scouter who knows how to ride a bike.

Class requirements:

Bring the bike you would ride on an outing of eight hours or more. Bring tools suitable for simple adjustments and inner tube changing. Wear clothing that can get dirty. Bring a bag lunch.

Class is limited to 20 participants.

For more information contact Glen Scoville @ gscoville@hotmail.com

HAT: Leave No Trace Trainer Course

May 16-17th 2015

Rancho Los Mochos, Livermore, CA

Overnight camping is part of this course.

Participants learn LNT principles, skills and ethics through a combination of presentation, discussion, and hands-on activities. They learn and practice techniques for teaching these concepts.

Those completing the course will be BSA Leave No Trace Trainers, recognized by the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics and the BSA.

Those who complete the course are prepared to:

• Understand, demonstrate, and teach minimum impact techniques to friends, family, scouting groups, and other community groups.

• Teach BSA Leave No Trace 101 Awareness class, general Leave No Trace Awareness seminars, and lead LNT activities at Scouting events.

• Lead discussions on outdoor ethics and help others explore their own personal outdoor ethic.

• Scouts (14 and above) are also qualified to fill the new Leave No Trace Trainer position within their unit.

This course is open to all registered members of the BSA, age 14 and above.

Course Cost: $30 (includes program materials, Saturday Dinner, Sunday Breakfast, and Sunday lunch. (Participants to provide their own lunch on Saturday)

SIGN UP ONLINE TODAY!  Online Registration

For more information contact:

Jim Ferenz, Chairman, High Adventure Team, SFBAC smjim@pacbell.net  

HAT: Backpack Cuisine 

By popular demand, a HAT Backpack Cuisine course! This is a hands-on cooking for backpacking class presented by the HAT Staff. Students will learn to shop for provisions, pack them into bear canisters and use them to prepare youth and adult tested and approved recipes.  Students should bring their own backpacking stoves.  Class size limited to 24.

Date: October 17, 2015

Location: Del Valle High School, Livermore

Time: 08:00-4:00pm

Cost: $25 before October 10th
        $35 at the door.


For more information contact:

Paul Nakao, p.nakao4230@sbcglobal.net  
Backpack Cuisine Course Director,
High Adventure Team, SFBAC 

training patchHAT: Re-Boot


HAT: Re-Boot

Are you interested in the latest in First Aid, Hiking/Camping gear, cooking, LNT and more? Is your HAT completion certificate five or more years old? Then the HAT Re-Boot course is for you! Get the latest info, updated forms and requirements, etc. without all the repetition of taking the basic course a second time. Cheap, fun and informative. You can’t beat this one day overview of what is the latest in camping and backpacking. You must take this course every 5 years to keep your HAT blue card valid.

Date: October 25, 2015

Time: 8:00am to 3:00pm 

Del Valle High School in Livermore 

Cost: $25 before October 10th
        $35 at the door.

For more information contact Sam Steele @ ssteele@livermore.k12.ca.us

training patchHAT: Snow Camping Awareness

HAT will be offering their two-session Snow Camping Awareness Course in December and January. This course covers the skills and knowledge for planning and leading a safe and enjoyable snow camping trip. If you have never hiked or camped in the snow then this is the course for you. Some of the items that will be discussed are planning, transportation, weather, clothing, food, shelter and medical issues. The course consists of two sessions. The indoor session is held at Del Valle High School in Livermore and the outdoor session at Carson Pass (Elevation 8650 ft). The outdoor session is practical experience and includes traveling with your gear over the snow. For those who attend a patch will be given at the completion of the course.

  A current Annual Health and Medical Record parts A,B and C is required for this course.


  • December 5, 2015 at Del Valle High School in Livermore. Registration starts at 7:30 a.m. Session goes from 8 am-4 pm instruction
  • Saturday & Sunday January 16th - 17th 2016 Outdoor session at Carson Pass. -Condions vary for the outdoor course. Date may change due to extremely dangerous weather.

Cost: $30

 Click Here for online registration

Contact the course director Tony Farmer at fintek@pacbell.net for any questions.

training patchHAT: Wilderness First Aid

Date: There are two separate class sessions available:

        (There is no paper registration for this course, all
        registrations must be done online).  THIS COURSE CANNOT TAKE
  • Location: Del Valle High School, 2253 Fifth Street Livermore, CA 94550

  • Cost:

    • Cost: $105; Philmont Certificate will be an additional $25. pre-registration only


This Wilderness First Aid Class is designed to provide fun with lots of hands-on skills practice. This 16 hour class will give the students ample time to practice their first aid and leadership skills in on outdoor setting. 
The course will provide outdoor scenarios, which are the best place to practice and refresh first aid skills. Successful completion of the class includes a Wilderness First Aid certificate. This course and certificate is required for adult leaders attending Philmont next year. 

There is a class limit of 24. This course is designed for adult leaders. If there is space available, older scouts or venture crewmembers can attend. Advanced registration is highly recommended due to the popularity of the class.

It is recommended, but not required, that students taking this class should take an Adult CPR prior to attending this course. 

Class begins at 8:00 a.m. each day and concludes at 5:00 p.m.

Course is limited to the first 24 participants.

For additional information contact Gary Ely.