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University of Scouting 2017

December 2, 2017

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Location: Itliong-Vera Cruz (formerly Alverado) Middle School in Union City, CA

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What is UoS and what do we offer? 

There are a wide variety of courses from basic training for the new volunteer leader, to supplemental "how to" courses in both unit planning and management, and scout skills, to getting off the worn and beaten path for an outdoor adventure and relaxation.  These courses are not limited to the leaders, but are offered to any adult (associated with scouts) interested in spicing up their outdoor experience.

Who should attend University of Scouting?

EVERY Scout Leader: Den Leader, Tiger Cub Den Leader, Cubmasters, Pack Committee Leader, Troop Committee Leader, Scoutmaster, Venture Crew Leader, Commissioners, Assistant Leader, Youth Leader, EVERY Parent supporting a scout and/or a unit, Venturing Youth, Boy Scout (First class, age 12 and up) . . . . . . YOU!! 

What's a University of Scouting Degree?

It's the progressive patch recognition program for the SFBAC UoS.  We encourage you to attend more than once by offering new courses each year.  Complete the required classes and turn in your form before 1pm on Saturday or fill out the online application to speed up the process:

UoS Degree online application

UoS Degree paper application


For other questions contact Dylan Hendrickson for more information. 510-577-9235

You can also sign up for classes at the University of Scouting - in person.

Remember.....BE PREPARED.  It's not just the Scout Motto, but an excellent way to ensure a smooth registration at the University of Scouting.